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Dubbelju Environmental Fee

Since 1991, Dubbelju Motorcycle Rentals has helped motorcyclists from around the world experience the abundant natural beauty of the California landscape.

In order to meet the needs of our valued customers, Dubbelju Motorcycle Rentals handles hazardous materials like fuel, oil, solvents, and batteries every day. An important part of our desire to be responsible members of the community where we work and live is making sure these materials do not harm the environment.

In August, 2017 Dubbelju Motorcycle Rentals received a Clean and Green award from the City of San Francisco Department of Public Health.

We are proud of this recognition, and will continue to integrate environmental responsibility into our operations. As a result of the cost associated with proper management of hazardous fluids, parts, used tires, and battery disposal, we will implement an environmental fee on our rentals beginning in 2018. Proper management of these materials is expensive, but we are committed to protecting the environment and our communities responsibly.

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